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Godafsked Scandinavian Assistance

Let us assist you with the practical matters.
Assistance service Scandinavia – Ready to assist 24 hours a day.

“International” assistance company

We have quite a bit of experience with international matters.

Sending religious people back to their home countries, and helping with everything around repatriations.

Fast service and process management is primary in the way Godafsked works, and communication is of course a huge part here.

Faroe Islands

Godafsked handles transportation from Faroe Islands to all over the world.

Faroe Islands is a part of Denmark, and integrated under the Danish healthcare system, meaning that sick people from Faroe Islands come to Danish hospitals for intensive healthcare problems.

If someone dies, Godafsked helps with transportation back to Faroe Islands for ceremony’s back home.

Base location for our staff is in the middle of Faroe Islands, with quick reaction time.

NGO Worldwide

In cooperation with a worldwide NGO, we assist with funeral services in Denmark and with repatriation from Denmark.

Godafsked has signed a service agreement, and is responsible for all transportation, documents, mortuary passports, visits to embassy, zinc-coffin and more.

In 2019 the agreement between Godafsked and the NGO was renegotiated due to excellent performance and service level response.

A memorable farewell, and case management on a higher level.

  • Funeral and memorial assistance in Scandinavia
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Faroe Islands
  • Finland
  • Greenland
  • Island
  • Dedicated service center – Open 24/7


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100% tilfredshed, vi hjælper til du er tilfreds


You can reach out to us and our experience undertakers all hours of the day, year around. If you have any sort of question we will answer them within a short period of time.

Call us at +45 81 61 11 66 or send us a message and we will respond promptly.

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